Who Cares?-

To get around what could have easily become a series of static talking heads, designer, George Leigh has created a revolving metal set that captures the playfulness and energy of youth as the actors nimbly climb up and down through scenes, as well as giving a sense of being trapped and isolated. It also gives space to the characters – who can perch on different levels depending on whose story is in the spotlight at any one time.

Manchester Theatre Awards


...the lighting design by George Leigh was a particular stand out and encapsulated the mood of the piece to perfection.

North West End


Played out on a big open stage designed by George Leigh, the set is reminiscent of a modern nightclub with symbolic references to a Roman coliseum, this is the perfect setting for a play that, at its heart, is all about power struggles – this is a modern day gladiatorial battle arena and provides plenty of flexibility in suggesting place and location.

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